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Turn off the TV, back away from the computer, “unplug” and get out there!
Don't forget to invite your family  & friends to participate!
Make a Difference!
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There are so many fun and exciting things that you can do outside. You can make a difference in your community, state and region.

From visiting historic places to sharing your adventure stories and photos, there are many ways you can have an exciting summer outside!
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GET OUTSIDE & Mark Your Observations with Wildlife Watch!
Wildlife Watch is a national, nature watching program created for people of all ages. Participate in Wildlife Watch and let others know about the wildlife and plants where you live. Then share your outdoor adventures online. Others want to hear all about them! Learn more here!
In the Kids Corner you’ll find things to read, watch and do to better understand the world and your place in it. Just click on the link to begin!
Need help with your homework?
This site has tons of help with subjects such as Astronomy, Ecology, Oceanography, Geology, Water Conservation, Meteorology, Earth Science, and MORE! 
Visit http://ecology.com/kidscorner/homework-help/
A Young Person's Connection to Nature
14-year-old Natural Leader Karen de Leon discovers the joys in nature and encourages other young people to do the same. Read about her story
Meet Bobber, the Water Safety Dog!

Click on Bobber and view his safety cartoon and access some downloadable fun! 
The American Museum of Natural History has cool ways for you to have fun and expand your knowledge during the summer! Discover your knowledge of Ology! Here you can take EXPEDITION and learn about Archeology, Anthropology, Marine Biology    
Attention budding nature writers ages 6 - 18:
Do you spend time in nature and want to write about it? One group is looking for nature poems and short essays written by kids! Find out more here!
Submit Your Ideas & Join the Conversation About America's Great Outdoors!
Share Your Story
About the places you love!
Get Outdoors!
Unplug and reconnect!
“Let Nature be your Teacher.”
~ William Wordsworth
Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See

Step outside on a clear day this summer and look up. What do you see? Blue. And maybe a plane or a bird up there, but otherwise... nothing. Or so you think. It turns out that right above you, totally invisible, is an enormous herd of animal life! There are so many creatures up there, they are so busy, so athletic, so tiny, that we had to fly up and give you a peek.

Listen to Bug Highway In The Sky
GusOutdoors: An Interview with One Cool Kid and Master Nature Explorer Read about Gus's nature adventures here
Attention junior Fish & Wildlife Biologists!
Would you like to become a Junior Refuge Manager? The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia wants you!
download the Junior Refuge Manager activity booklet
Visit Albert the Squirrel's Kids Page
brought to you by the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Kids!

l Welcome to my neck of the woods! My name is Albert and I'm an endangered Delmarva fox squirrel. I live at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge with the rest of my wild friends. Our Refuge Manager is working hard to make sure that endangered species like me have a home for the future and that all the other animals have a home here, too!

Visit me to play a trivia game, read a Canada goose story and l
earn how you can become an OFFICIAL JUNIOR REFUGE MANAGER!

Space Shuttle project!
With the end of the Space Shuttle era in 2011 LightSpeed Media and the San Diego Air & Space Museum have begun to visually document the end of the program. Check out the Launch of STS 129 at Cape Kennedy here!