Get your feet wet this summer with fun outdoor activities for the whole family!
Explore the Blue, a new program from the Take Me Fishing™ campaign and Discovery Education, provides youth with a set of online tools that promote youth participation in on-the-water activities and reinforce the importance of caring for our environment. To read about this and more free, fun activities please visit: Family Connections.

  • More than 80% of youth say parents are the biggest influencer in getting them to particpate in outdoors activities!

  • 43% of kids want their parents  to spend more time outdoors with them.

  • Health scientists found that contact with nature reduces symptoms of ADHD and improves critical thinking.
Planning an outdoor excursion with your family? Encourage your children to keep a journal and capture their adventure on video or with photos so they can  remember their family vacations and childhood travels. Help them preserve their memories in their own unique fun way!
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How To Organize a River Cleanup
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Need a little advice on how to make great family vacation videos? Find out how here.
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Millions of tons of trash end up in
our nation’s rivers and streams
every year. American Rivers is a
proud sponsor of National River
Cleanup™, the most popular and
successful stream cleanup program in the country that taps into the civic pride of tens of thousands of volunteers across the country. National River Cleanup™ is now a year-long event.

Since its launch by America Outdoors in 1991, more than 900,000 volunteers have participated in thousands of cleanups across the country, covering more than 162,000 miles of waterways. These cleanups have removed more than 8.7 million pounds litter and debris from America's rivers and streams. National River Cleanup™ 2009 was the most successful year to date, with more organizers and cleanups than ever before.
Download the toolkit and watch the new how-to video andon How to Organize a River Cleanup.
National River Cleanup

Keeping rivers and streams clean and trash-free!
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